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Evidence Based Health and Wellness programs  provide education and information that will help you manage chronic conditions and stay active and healthy.

  • Information and Referral

  • Care Assessment and Coordination

  • Options Counselling

  • Checking Services

  • Care Transitions

  • Personal Care

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Whether you are planning for your own care or caring for aging parents, we can provide you with the unbiased answers and resources you need.

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Nutrition assistance programs are designed to address hunger, food insecurity, malnutrition, and healthy eating habits.

  • Weatherization

  • Emergency Home Accessibility and Repair

  • Residential Repair


Housing programs are designed to improve overall housing conditions, accessibility and energy efficiency in order to support individuals  remaining safely and independently in their homes.


Transportation programs enable individuals without access to transportation the ability to travel for medical care and treatments.

  • Ombudsman

  • Medicare Counseling

  • No Wrong Door

  • Legal Aid  Services


From navigating Medicare to   addressing nursing home concerns, from access to legal services to education on elder abuse prevention, CVACL is the advocate of older adults and their caregivers.

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