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Central Virginia Alliance for Community Living, Inc. offers a variety of programs providing direct support to individuals. Most of these programs are offered in the residence of the individual and are targeted to the needs of the specific individual. Each individual will participate in an in-depth assessment designed to provide a base line evaluation to identify needs and their current level of independence. Reassessment will be conducted periodically to assess outcomes, impacts, and changes.

Connections to Care: Assessment and Care Management

Whether you are planning for your own care or caring for aging parents, we can provide you with the unbiased answers and resources you need.

Care management provides seniors the opportunity to make their own choices regarding long-term care through the help of a Care Manager. The Care Manager can help coordinate community services that benefit the individual and their unique situation, and allow them to remain safely in their home.

Care Management services are offered in the homes in the home and may include the following:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the individual’s needs and wishes
  • Offer information about services available in the community
  • Support to encourage and allow individuals to choose the services they need and want
  • Developing a personalized care plan to include:
    • Meals on Wheels for Seniors
    • Personal Care Services
    • Medical Transportation
    • Care Coordination
    • Checking
    • Support in identifying additional service from other service provide
  • Support in coordinating and accessing chosen service
  • Ongoing assistance, coordination, and assessment based on need

Options Counseling: My Life, My Choice

No one else knows what's best for you!

Options Counseling is a person-centered process supporting you in gaining the information you need to make the long-term care decisions that are right for you — your preferences, strengths, needs, values, and circumstances.

Through the Options Counseling process, a counselor will assist in developing and carrying out a personalized plan that aligns with the individual’s decisions and long-term objectives.

Communication, Referral, Information, and Assistance (CRIA)

Help is just a phone call away: 434-385-9070

As a No Wrong Door Partner, Central Virginia Alliance for Community Living, Inc. strives to make sure you are connected to the services you need and are right for you. Our trained and certified Information and Referral Specialists make it easy for seniors, family members, caregivers, and friends to get the support they need. Upon contacting our office, and assessment of information, you will be supported in locating and connecting to the supports you need.

For additional online resources, check out:

Care Coordination

A Care Manager performs the primary function of assessment, planning, coordination, monitoring and advocacy. A Care Manager will assist you through the individualized assessment process of signing up for services and connecting you to other community resources. They will continue to work with you to develop a personalized care plan of your choosing, set goals and work with you to accomplish these goals. Throughout this process, there is ongoing collaboration and communication with the individual, individual’s family or caregiver and other healthcare professionals involved in your care. The Care Manager will continually work with the individual to evaluate the effectiveness of the care plan.


FallsTalk is an individual program for those who have experienced a fall or regular loss of balance, regardless of walking ability, medical condition, mobility, or fitness level. The intervention consists of initial and follow-up interviews with a trained facilitator, daily personal reflection (2-3 min.), three brief weekly and then monthly check-in calls.

Personal Care

Personal Care Service is provided to eligible older individuals and individuals with disabilities, for supportive services that enable the individual to remain in or return to the home. Services include assistance with personal hygiene, mobility, nutritional support, assistance with laundry and environmental maintenance. Services may be provided for the purpose of respite for family caregivers. The individual may be in need of Personal Care on a short-term basis for recovery following a severe illness, awaiting transfer to another level of care, or the primary caregiver is temporarily unable to provide care, etc. By providing this in-home assistance, individuals can feel empowered in their decision to remain in their home. The individual must not be receiving other services that would be considered a duplication of service. Personal Care is a Fee for Service program provided on a sliding fee scale. Individuals at or below poverty level will not have to pay a fee for services.

Checking Service

Checking is an ongoing service provided to frail older adults, persons with disabilities, person at risk of institutional placement and isolated individuals. The program also serves extremely rural Meals on Wheels for Seniors participants that are not on the hot meal routes. The service offers ongoing bi-monthly contact by phone to ensure individuals maintain physical and psychological wellbeing. Checking can provide psychological reassurance to individuals who may be isolated and experiencing feelings of loneliness. Individuals choose how often they would like to be called and the time of day to be called.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program offers a free and confidential way for caregivers or residents of long-term care facilities or receiving long term care to voice their concerns and have their complaints addressed.

To ensure your rights are protected and your quality of life remains high, an Ombudsman is available to advocate for you. A Long-Term Care Ombudsman is a specially-trained advocate who seeks to resolve complaints on behalf of residents in long-term care facilities, including assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, and those at home receiving community-based services.

Ombudsmen are given the authority to receive, investigate, and assist in resolving complaints on behalf of residents through federal and state law. They also provide education to residents, family, facility staff, and the community related to residents’ rights in long-term care. The Ombudsman makes routine visits to facilities to talk with residents about their rights and concerns, monitor the condition in facilities, identify problem areas, and advocate for change.

Legal Aid Services

CVACL partners with Virginia Legal Aid Society (VLAS) to assist individuals for legal issues related to civil (not criminal) matters in the legal system, such as simple Wills and Power of Attorney.

This program is available to individuals who are 60 years of age and older who cannot afford private legal counsel. Special consideration is given to those in the greatest economic or social need. Other qualification factors include risk for institutional placement, residency in long-term care facilities, limited English proficiency, and residence in rural or geographically isolated areas.

CVACL also coordinates with VLAS to provide public education/training sessions to contribute to elder community knowledge and awareness of legal issues, protecting the rights of older individuals.

Please call 434-385-9070 or email to learn more.

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